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President’s Message

My primary reasons for wanting to become the President of the BCOA is to move our organization forward in a few directions that will benefit all of our members by getting more referrals for everyone, and to highlight the many events and programs that you all offer and take part of. I will reach out to everyone to find out how my board and I can best do this, and have a very active exchange of ideas to make our meetings more interactive and beneficial to everyone.

I want to grow our membership and increase our attendance by making our monthly meeting something that you will not want to miss. I plan on making it worthwhile to all of our members to not only bring guests but make sure they become new members.

And lastly, but the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT REASON THAT I wanted to become the new President, is my belief, that I know is mirrored by my board, as well as all who belong to the BCOA, we want to help as many seniors in need as I/We can. I plan on creating a committee to actively do fund-raising. This a project that I’ve already started. That is, to enlist large corporations to be sponsors/partners. My belief is that the more money that we as an organization have, the more people that we can help.

I will always be communicative with everyone and actively try to help and support our membership and their causes.

This is my message and my pledge to you as the new President of the BCOA, and again my deepest thanks to all of you for your trust and confidence in me. I greatly appreciate all of your support, and your help in growing the BCOA and helping as many of our elderly in Broward county as we can.

Glenn Soffin​