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Dear Broward Coalition on Aging,

I am the Administrator at the Golden Seniors of Sunrise. Just before the Christmas holiday season I received a telephone call from your President, Glenn Soffin. He and you were so very gracious and wonderful. We are a very small, 6 bed assisted living facility in Sunrise. Our populace is not wealthy and typically aged and infirmed.

Glenn came over to me and recognized our need for the holiday, and graciously gave us Publix gift cards in the amount of $105, that we used toward our Christmas and New Years eve dinners and a certificate.

This meant so very, very much to all of our residents and small staff.

En masse when I told my residents of this incredible deed, which certainly has never happened to us before, there was a mass cry.

It took me too long to write this small note to you all of you, But; please from the bottom of all of our collective hearts, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

May God smile down on all of you!

My deepest thanks to you all,

Joan Brown
Golden Seniors of Sunrise